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When life throws you a temporary crisis opt for a short term loan, however, if you're going to be monetarily strapped for the long haul consider a personal loan.

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Beat the Inflation Heat

With the real estate slump, crude oil trading at over $120 a barrel, and sky high global food prices, it's no wonder many average families in the U.S. are feeling inflation's pinch. Take heart: There are some ways to stem the outward flow of cash. Cutting out wasteful spending and taking advantage of some money-saving techniques can help to loosen up a stretched budget.

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Mortgage Application Check List

In a slumping housing and credit market, easy mortgage buying has given way to strict rule enforcement that's leaving many potential homebuyers with churning stomachs and a mad scramble to prove their credit-worthiness.

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Is taxation the answer to the real estate meltdown?

The headlines are pretty much the same on the tube, in the newspapers and on the internet: A homeowner rescue bill could cost American taxpayers an estimated $25 billion to save Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

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Housing Bill Home Buyer Credit Comes With Strings

Homebuilders, real estate professionals and the mortgage industry cheered the late-July passage of a housing stimulus bill in the House of Representatives. Homeowners and potential buyers, however, are still wading through the legislative lingo to see just how consumer-friendly the package will be.

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Auto Purchase: Loan Versus 0% Dealer Financing? Calculator

At first glance, 0% financing appears to be the best option when purchasing an auto. However, if you choose to finance through a bank or credit union you may be eligible for a dealer rebate. Use this calculator to help determine which is the best option based on when you anticipate selling your car and purchasing a new one.

Purchase, Rebate and Financing Information
Sales price before rebate $
Rebate amount if financing through bank or credit union $
Annual interest rate: (%)
Term of loan: (years)

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