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The inquiry section of a credit report includes a list of everyone who has asked for a copy of it.

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Free Financial Forms: Why Do You Need Them?

Financial forms are needed for different kinds of financial deals. You cannot perform a financial transaction in the absence of a financial form. Free financial forms are provided by many websites and they have been planned for fulfilling specific necessities of the visitors.

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Victim of Identity Theft?

Ken had everything going for him, a great job, no debt, an excellent credit score... or so he thought. In fact, he felt with everything going right for him financially it was time to look into owning his own place. He sat down with a Realtor´┐Ż to figure out how much of a home he could qualify for and was shocked to learn that the answer was ZERO. His credit score was not what he thought it was... in fact, on his credit report, there were loans and credit cards that he did not even apply for that put him thousands of dollars in debt. After careful and diligent research, Ken came to the understanding that he was the victim of identity theft.

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Be Your Own Credit Protection

Identity theft occurs when someone uses your personal information without your permission. The reasons behind the stealing of an identity vary, but the results can be predicted. Some consumers victimized by identity theft may lose out on job opportunities. They could be denied loans for education, housing or cars because of negative information on their credit reports. In some rare cases, they may even be arrested for crimes they did not commit. You don't have to subscribe to a credit protection service in order to protect yourself from the scourge, however. There are steps you can take yourself to protect your identity and your credit.

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FICO 08: How Will It Affect You?

Fair Isaac got a makeover. In that past year, you may have heard something about a new Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) scoring system called FICO 08. The new model incorporates redefined scoring guidelines among other changes. When it will be implemented remains to be seen. If this is the first you've heard of FICO 08 or are unsure as to how it can affect you overall, keep reading this article to educate yourself on the ins and out of the next system that will determine your credit worthiness.

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Free Credit Score estimate! When you apply for a credit card, a car loan, a mortgage or any credit, lenders want to know what risk they'd take by loaning you money.

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The higher your Credit scores the less you would pay for your loan. For example, on a $350,000 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage:

Credit Score Interest Rate Monthly Payment
760 - 850 5.73% $2,548
700 - 759 5.95% $2.597
680 - 699 6.13% $2,638
660 - 679 6.34% $2,685
640 - 659 6.77% $2,785
620 - 639 7.32% $2,914

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