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Government Loans - How America Pays for School
These days, despite the rising costs of an American experience at college, less and less people are actually paying to go to college. Whats that you say? Yes, thats right! Less people are paying for college these days than ever before. How are they attending college then? They are actually using government loans to pay off their college tuition. Gone are the days when it took a full-time job and trust fund just to make it through the 4 (or more) years of college. These days, all people need to do is ask the government to pay for their college tuition, and they are usually granted their wish.
Loan Options
Loan options like the Federal PLUS Loan, a loan given to students through the usage of their parents credit history, or the Federal Stafford Loan, a low interest rate loan given to students attending American universities, exist and are in place for students to use. College students simply need to fill out a FAFSA (Federal Application For Student Aid), which details the financial status of themselves and their families. This information then provides access to federal loans for students entering college. They simply need to apply for these loans, sign a few forms, and their college tuition is paid for. Each year, repeat and move in. Its usually that simple!
Only Borrow What You Need
Remember, though the federal government is paying for your college education, these loans do have to be paid off eventually, so only borrow money necessary for school. Students often feel the need to take out extra money (bar money, you say?) for extracurricular opportunities and the like. A part-time job can supplement this financial need and also is a hell of a lot cheaper than borrowing money that needs to be paid back. Be sure to speak with a financial aid advisor before taking out any federal loans.
This article is distributed by NextStudent. At NextStudent, we believe that getting an education is the best investment you can make, and were dedicated to helping you pursue your education dreams by making college funding as easy as possible. We invite you to learn more about Government Loans at .

About the author:
My goal is to help every student succeed - education is one of the most important things a person can have, so I have made it my personal mission to help every student pay for their education. Aside from that, I am just a pretty average girl from San Diego California.

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