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Consolidation of Debt and Student Loans

So you have finally got the degree, but were you surprised with what came along with it? A pile of debt and student loans that need to be paid back starting very shortly after college! Whether it is a Federal PLUS Loan or a loan obtained from your local bank, chances are that a college graduation also brings collection agencies to your mailbox, as everyone wants to be paid back for helping to provide you with a college education. But, while you are writing out all these checks to different loan agencies, have you considered and thought consolidation through yet? Better, yet, do you even know what consolidation is?

How Consolidation Works
The consolidation of your student loans can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars in the long run when it comes to your student loan debt. Here is how it works: When you applied for those student loans from different government agencies and loan companies way back when, they each gave you a different interest rate and payment plan for eventually paying them back. Consolidation takes all of these different loans, repackages them into one convenient loan, and then gives you the ability to pay one loan back over time. Therefore, if you owe 5 different companies payments for your student loans and debt, consolidation allows you to now pay just one central company back, thus saving you time and money with a lower interest rate and less checks to write each month.

How Consolidation Helps
Consolidation of your student loans can happen right away, as you can visit different loan companies that offer consolidation after college and start saving money right away. Consolidation combines all of your debt into one neat and tidy bill that can be paid off much easier and in a more timely fashion than other options. Why deal with the baggage of 4 or 5 different loan companies nagging you for money, when you can pay one company off and live without that constant hassle? Check out consolidation today, and save yourself from the headaches of student loan debt.

This article is distributed by NextStudent. At NextStudent, we believe that getting an education is the best investment you can make, and were dedicated to helping you pursue your education dreams by making college funding as easy as possible. We invite you to learn about Consolidation of Debt and Student Loans at .

About the author:

My goal is to help every student succeed - education is one of the most important things a person can have, so I have made it my personal mission to help every student pay for their education. Aside from that, I am just a pretty average girl from SD.

"A Frugal Budget Make Friends With Your Bank Statement"Eric VerbonacWeve all been there. That time of the month when you begin to realise that your bank statement is due, and you purposefully avoid bringing the mail in so that you dont have to face up to how little is left in your account this month. Buying those six DVDs just seemed like such a good idea at the time! Why does everything have to cost so much?

Well, we all like to buy stuff, theres no denying that. But there are ways to get at least some of the things you want without using over and above your available resources each month. So formulating a spending plan doesnt sound like your idea of fun but dont you want that feeling of freedom that comes with accurately estimating how much money you have to spend, by planning your purchases, and not being afraid of your finances? A frugal budget can help more than you think its going to hurt!

Okay, So Tell Me Again How This Isnt Going To Hurt

The notion of sitting down and planning all the things you cant buy doesnt sound like much fun, but by coming up with a frugal budget and by allotting various allowances to each of the things you are likely to spend money on can truly help you to gain a sense of power over your finances. While an attitude of handing out money when you need to might seem a lot less painless than sticking to a spending plan, wouldnt you love to be able to have some money to spend on the things you love without having to fear the arrival of mailman at the end of each month? With a little forward planning, you can achieve this.

So be brave and sit down with your checkbook. Look at how much money you spend each month on regular outgoings, like groceries, gas, utilities and so on. Plan to set aside an allowance for each of these things, and put the money in a separate account if you have to, so that you cant spend it. It might seem painful now to have to allocate so much money to these basic things, but ultimately you will save in bank charges, and you will feel so much better knowing where your money is going. Anticipating the cost of things is much more cost effective than allowing your finances go into the red.

The way to be frugal is to plan it. And while it might not seem like fun initially, by sitting down and planning a budget, you are facing up to the money you spend, which makes it easier to see where you can make savings. And once you are in control of your finances, you will begin to see your savings add up. And pretty soon you will have some money to spend that wont leave you deathly afraid to greet the mailman!

About the author:

Eric Verbonac is the web master of This wonderful site will help anyone save money with its many tips & tricks.

"Bargain Shopping The Best Fun A Girl Can Have!" Eric VerbonacMen are strange creatures that women are never quite going to understand their idea of fun is tinkering with strange electronic gadgets and watching sports on TV. When any woman will tell you that the only real heart-stopping, breathtaking, life or death way to have a genuinely good time is to go shopping, and find the steal of the century.

There is an adrenaline rush that accompanies seeing the words closeout or markdown that only a woman can understand. While shopping in itself is just about one of the most fun things a girl can do, getting a good deal is the icing on the cake. Every girl dreams about finding that designer dress at a budget price, and plans how she will share the news of her good deal with her friends. Because we all know that the next best thing after discount shopping, is talking about discount shopping.

So Why Do Girls Love Bargain Shopping So Much?

Asking why girls like to shop is like asking why dogs like to bark they just do. Maybe it has something to do with buying nice things that you know will make you look and feel extra gorgeous, or maybe its because of the huge sense of satisfaction you find in getting a good buy. Maybe finding reductions just appeals to that sense of competition that nice girls arent supposed to have boys play sports; girls look for discount prices at sales and closeouts! There really is an adrenaline rush that accompanies finding a good buy at a low price that must be comparable to scoring that goal. And girls sometimes dont want to get all sweaty when they have fun so they go shopping!

But any girl will tell you that a closeout sale is as much a competition as any sporting event. Filled with the desire to win, you will go to any length you can to find that steal before some other girl. Bargain shopping can be a dirty game, the gloves come off when a good deal is at stake. So maybe if getting sweaty is not your thing, then bargain shopping might be something to avoid. There is nothing a girl takes more seriously than a good markdown, and if you are going to get in her way, be prepared to pay the price! And boys think football is a contact sport?

About the author:

Eric Verbonac is the web master of This wonderful site will help anyone save money with its many tips & tricks.

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