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Bank loans are something big, like a loan for business or home. Yes you may loan for car or other certain thing banks will offer to you. Bank loans can be great for your benefit or it can put you into bankruptcy. Like all bank, they have to gain money from interest. Interest rate depends on how much they earn over years and the total amount will be that at the end of your payment. Lets say you borrow a bank loan for $200,000 house. If you agree the bank will put on an interest rate yearly. Then the bank will divide the months and give you the amount you have to pay each month. Well by the time you finish paying off, depending on your interest rates, the full amount that you paid would be from $230,000 to $300,000. So it all depends on you how you want to spend or how smart you are to consolidate your payments.

An option of refinancing could really help you. Not many people know this option and pay for what they have. Refinancing mean taking your payment into a lower interest rates, reducing the amount that you have to pay monthly. Now if you pay $250,000 on the full loan payment of your house, which originally cost $200,000, you would end up paying $220,000 on your full loan payment.

There are two options you may choose from, now this is important information! One you may choose to lower your monthly payment, as to lower the interest rates. This meaning you can pay less on the full loan amount that you owe. So each month instead of paying $1,000, you pay $750 per month.

Bank loan plan two. You can keep paying the $250,000 in lower interest rates and more years, however you keep the $30,000 in your pocket. (Remember above the full amount after refinancing was $220,000)

Refinancing: Example Plans

  1. $1000 reduced to $750 in 10 years. (You pay less - total amount $220,000)
  2. $1000 reduced to $750 in 12 years. (But you get $30,000)

Hint* use the $30,000 to pay off other bills.

Once you pay off your other loans, you are one step closer to being more successful. You will then have more money to buy other things, or save it to invest on something.

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