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Bad Credit Home Loan - How To Get A Good One?

Getting a home loan with a bad credit has never been easier. Here are some of the tips recommended by experts to improve your chances of getting a home loan:

Find a good deal on your home:
If you can snap up a home as cheaper rates compared to the local market, you may have an easier time getting financing on that property. To the lender or financial institution, it is as good as having a down payment on your home. There are some lenders who consider loan to value ratio before approving a home loan. Ask your mortgage lender if this factor can help you get qualified for your home loan.

Creative financing:
If the seller is motivated, ask if they are willing to carry back a second mortgage on the home. On approval, you can set up a contract or agreement with the seller that you agree to pay monthly payments on the property, as a second mortgage. To make it easy on the seller, it is best recommended to have an end date by which you intend to pay back the amount owed. On an average, 2 years are enough for you to refinance the second mortgage and the seller does not feel permanently locked into the agreement.

Make a downpayment:
You may be able to qualify for a 100% financing even with a bad credit. However, if you pay a 5-10% down, your interest payments will be much lower. Try to save as much as you can for your down payment. At times, it is best advised to wait for a few months to be able to make a down payment. If you cannot afford to have a down payment, you may always refinance your loan later for a lower interest rate.

Comparison shopping does help:
It is important to do a comparison shopping and get loan quotes from multiple lenders. If you have a bad credit, you will be surprised how much the interest rate varies. Let the loan lender know that you are getting multiple offers and you are considering the lowest rates. Lenders will squeeze their margins to win your business.

Work on improving your credit score:
Request a free credit report from any of the credit bureaus. If you were denied credit recently, you can get a free report. Report any inaccuracies as soon as possible. Now it is easier to report inaccuracies on the websites for each of the three credit bureaus. Too many credit cards can negatively affect your credit score. Close the accounts that you no longer need.

Dont let bad credit stop you from owning a home. There are plenty of lenders out there to get a piece of your business. Apply with multiple lenders and compare their offers.

About The Author:
@Copyrights - Bill A Smith is a credit counselor for Ameri credit counseling and credit management agency. Visit us at for credit counseling.

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