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Auto Loans with Bad Credit

Certain types of loans are very hard to get approved for if you have bad credit. For example, if you have poor credit, getting approved for an unsecured loan or unsecured line of credit is out of the question.

However, there are also types of loans that are not difficult for poor credit applicants to get approved for. For example, auto loans are fairly easy for people with bad credit to get approved for. In fact, there are many companies that will grant financing to individuals with the worst credit. People that have experienced bankruptcy, repossession, divorce, foreclosure can get the car loan they need!

You may ask, How is it possible to get approved for a bad credit auto loan if I have such bad credit?!. Its easy! A car loan is a secured loan. This means that you are guaranteeing the loan provider that you are going to make the auto financing payments. If you do not make the payments, your new car is going to be repossessed from you by the lending institution. When you lose your automobile to repossession, you also lose any money that you already paid for financing, as well as any add-ons that you invested into your car like a new stereo, wheels, etc..

The interest rates for bad credit auto loans are obviously going to be higher than the interest rates associated with a good credit car loan. However, if you show a positive payment history for your auto loan, you can refinance this loan with the same, or another company after one year. When you refinance an auto loan with bad credit, you can obtain rates that are considerably lower than the loan you first received. The fees associated when you refinance are minimal. Typically, all you will have to pay is a transfer fee and a state fee. The fee ranges between $5 - $10. The state fee can be between $5-75. The transfer fee is usually $5-$10 and the state fee is usually $5-$75. Refinancing your existing car loan is definitely something you want to consider if your interest rate is anything over 10%.

In conclusion, auto loans are a great way to turn your credit history around. However, if you do not make your payments on time, your credit will be adversely affected. If your car becomes repossessed because of non-payment, your credit will be severely hurt. So, if you take advantage of the second chance offered to you by utilizing an auto loan on a new car, make sure you buy a car that is in your budget so that you dont have to worry about making payments. Be practical. Dont buy something that you can no afford.

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Jacob Andrews is the webmaster/marketer of <a target="_new" href="">Premier Auto Financing. Premier Auto Financing provides <a target="_new" href="">auto loans for people with good and bad credit. You can use your loan to buy from a private seller or from a dealer.

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