Short term disability insurance covers the policyholder's time missed from work for a condensed period of time.

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Credit Insurance: Why Is It Necessary?

Credit insurance is that form of insurance which is related to a particular line of credit or loan and compensates or repays a portion or the total amount owed in the event of disability, death or joblessness of the borrower. Similar to any other form of insurance policy, the insurer charges a cost on a monthly basis and it is known as credit insurance premium.

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Understanding Personal Finance Terms

Part IV: Understanding Life Insurance We have all heard it at one time or another in our lives, �Do you have life insurance?' It is the biggest question that is asked when major life changes occur such as getting married or having children. But choosing the right life insurance can be a daunting task, especially if you really don't understand the differences between them. The following definitions should help you understand the difference.

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Understanding Personal Finance Terms

Part V: Health Care Finances In this final part of the personal finance series, we will explore the different options available to help pay for medical/health care costs other then health insurance. We all know the expense that we put out on a monthly basis to pay for medical coverage. And then when something goes wrong, we end up paying astronomical deductibles in order to be seen. Well, there are many options available to help ease the personal financial burden of these costs. They are as follows:

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Health Insurance or No Health Insurance?

According to an article published on, "The more than 46 million Americans without (health insurance) coverage will get sick more, earn less and die earlier than those with insurance."

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iQualifyNow Insurance Resources

Peace of mind doesn't have to cost a fortune. Insurance fulfills the need for security and provides financial support for the what ifs in life. Choosing the right policy and coverage can be a challenge. iQualifyNow can help you compare costs and obtain coverage in any or all of the following...

Your leg work is done. At iQualifyNow, you can view offers from multiple top tier insurance carriers and let agents fight for your business. Whatever your insurance needs, you'll find the resources you need to start lowering your rates immediately right here. Finally - you can sleep easy knowing your insurance needs are covered without breaking the bank.

What Is My Current Cash Flow? Calculator

Businesses generate a sources and uses of cash statement to evaluate their income and expenses and to check profitability. Similary, a cash flow statement can help you evaluate your personal income and expenses and see if you are running 'in the red or the black' each month.

Monthly or annual figures?
Itemized Income $
Wages, salary and tips $
Interest on savigns accounts, CDs, ect. $
Dividends from stocks, ect. $
Social security benefits $
Pensions $
Alimony, child support (received) $
Other income $
Itemized Expenses
Charitable/Church donations $
Mortgage payment or rent $
Vacation home (mortgage) $
Automobiles loan(s) $
Personal loan(s) $
Charge accounts $
Federal income taxes $
State income taxes $
FICA (social security taxes)
Real estate taxes $
Other taxes $
Utilities $
Household repairs and maintenance $
Food $
Clothing and laundry $
Educational expenses $
Child care $
Automobile expenses (gas, repairs, ect.) $
Other transportation expenses $
Life insurance premiums $
Homeowners (renters) insurance $
Automobile insurance $
Medical, dental and disability insurance $
Entertainment and dining $
Recreation and travel $
Club dues $
Hobbies $
Gifts $
Major home improvements and furnishings $
Proffessional services $
Other and miscellaneous expenses $

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