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How Healthy Are You Financially?

The first step in managing your finances well is to plan it out. Chalk out a budget and spend your cash according to it. People who are successful financially know the trick to balance their income and expense wisely.

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7 Easy Steps To Make A Helpful Budget

Budgeting is the utmost necessity in present times. Though you do not know when you'll urgently need money, yet you can prepare a helpful budget that can help you save money in order to overcome a sudden crisis.

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Debt Consolidation Versus Bankruptcy

No body wants to file bankruptcy. There are many negative things that go with bankruptcies, but there are some alternatives to filing. What are the differences between debt consolidation versus bankruptcy? The following article talks about these two options and the pros and cons of each one.

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Beat the Inflation Heat

With the real estate slump, crude oil trading at over $120 a barrel, and sky high global food prices, it's no wonder many average families in the U.S. are feeling inflation's pinch. Take heart: There are some ways to stem the outward flow of cash. Cutting out wasteful spending and taking advantage of some money-saving techniques can help to loosen up a stretched budget.

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The Role of Media and the Recession

Every time we turn around, the "R" word is there - Recession! Recession! Recession! Because we live in an intense, 24-hour news cycle via television, in print and on the internet, the media has a hold on us from every angle. The question is, whether they declare it or not, are we really in a recession?

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Simple Savings Tips for Everyday Life

In my circle of friends and family, I know four different families that have been affected by the slump in the economy. Between being laid off of work, having to take jobs that pay way below what they are worth and even foreclosuring the family home, many people across the United States are hurting to pay the bills. Finding extra money is as simple as making cuts in your everyday spending.

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iQualifyNow Debt Resources

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Where does all the money go? An itemization of your living expenses may help you budget better and plan for future expenses. Use this calculator to help you recall and itemize your living expenses.

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  • Personal needs

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