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Why Credit Repair Mills Stink

When credit repair was new, it was easy. You wrote a letter to the credit agencies ?disputing? items you wanted removed. They had 30 days to verify the debts and if they couldn?t do it in time, the item had to be removed. Sounds easy don?t it?

So what?s wrong with this method today? As you can imagine that cost creditors millions. As a result, they created systems to quickly verify debts and once they do, further disputes are considered frivolous and returned un-investigated. Can you blame them?

I?m sure we can agree that common sense dictates the following; if all that is required of credit bureaus is to respond to these letters in 30 days, you can bet they will. With the exception of a few that slip through the cracks, (the hope of other credit repair companies) your letters will be answered and your job harder.

To error is human - To capitalize on error is smart! As we discussed previously, credit bureaus validation system is completely automated. What?s not automated is the method in which your credit history is input into the system. It is put in by hand, by humans and we all know the phrase ?human error.? This is the best kept secret of credit repair. If something is erroneous, it will come off permanently and you could even be awarded damages.

Think about it. What makes more sense, trickery, luck and relying on loopholes, or violations of your rights where the law is there to protect you?

It?s easy to spot a company that depends on these credit repair letters. Look at their sign up process. If it instructs you to send them your credit reports, tell them which items to dispute and that they do the rest, save your money and do it yourself.

Think about it, if they know nothing about your alleged debts, what more could they possibly do then send the old generic ?this is not my debt, please delete it? letter? You might as well just send that worthless letter yourself and save yourself the money.

The Bottom Line... Credit repair works and as long as consumers have the legal right to question items on their credit, it always will. What doesnt work is the tired methods these so called credit experts are charging you for. There is no secret and no magic letter.

To effectively repair your credit, you need to arm yourself with information and you need a lot of patience.

Marc Chase is a Partner at MyCreditGroup.Com ? A nationally recognized authority on credit repair. His company are used by agencies such as The Department Of Defense, Washington Mutual, Country Wide bank and they have been featured in several prestigious newspapers as ?one of the few true authorities on credit repair? Visit his site at

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