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The Easy Way To Fast Credit Repair

Finding ways in which you can repair your credit quickly can be extremely tedious. But below we look at a fast credit repair option that you may want to use in order to get it fixed as quickly as possible.

How can someone repair their credit through using a collection agent?

Generally a persons credit rating is based on their credit report and the information contained on this is provided to credit report agencies by banks, credit card companies and other financial institutes or businesses that are in the business of lending money. They will tell the agency the status of each of your accounts relating to whether payments have been made on time or not.

However if you find yourself in a situation where it is becoming difficult to make payments to your creditors then they will go through various different steps to ensure that these payments are met. But if after an extended period of time and various warning letters being sent to a person then they will usually resort to selling your debt to a collection agency for them to try to get the money owed back. Normally they will sell this debt to the agency at a discounted amount. Unfortunately once this occurs then a mark will appear on your credit report and this will then stay there for the next 7 years.

The best step and most crucial you can take in order to avoid this occurring is by getting the debt written off. As soon as the collection agency contacts you then you need to contact the creditor who the original loan is with and see if you can arrange to clear the debt with them first. In a lot of cases where the creditor agrees that you repay the debt immediately then they will arrange to have the "gone to collection" removed from your credit report. Certainly this is one of the quickest ways for a person to ensure that they get a fast repair to their credit report.

However the creditor is not willing to accept this proposal then you will have to deal with the collection agency instead. Normally in the initial stages the agency will be extremely aggressive and asking you to make payment in full or they will take you to court. What you need to consider is that in most cases the collection agency will have purchased your debt from your credit for about have of what it really is worth and so initially make an offer to pay less than what the full value of the debt is to settle it immediately. In a lot of cases the agency will be able to close their file on you as soon as possible to ensure that the matter does not get prolonged. Often in order to get a quick settlement on the matter they will be willing to accept a quick payment that is lower than what they were originally looking for.

So if looking for fast credit repair always try to pay off your creditor first rather then the collection agency that the debt has gone to.

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