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My Credit Repair Success Story

I desperately needed credit repair.

My credit stunk. It had for many years. I didnt know that credit repair was actually possible. A 10 year old bankruptcy still showed on my credit reports, as did all the store accounts that I hadnt been able to pay off. Add to that a couple of hospital bills for mega bucks, a judgement, and a mess of incorrect items, and you can see what I was up against.Getting a mortgage or a loan or a credit card was darn near impossible, and if I was successful the interest rates were out of this world.

I thought I had found the answer when I subscribed to a company that taught how to repair your own credit. They had all the letters you needed to send to the credit reporting agencies. "All you had to do" was to mail letters every month, over and over, keep meticulous records, and you were guaranteed an "improved" credit report in a couple years. I sent the letters, got letters back from the reporting agencies saying that they werent going to remove the items, and I sent off a second letter to the, then a third. No results.

Let me tell you, this was very time consuming, frustrating, confusing and after about five months, I gave up and decided that my credit was always going to be the pits. Every month I spent many hours reviewing where I was ad where I was supposed to be going, credit-wise. And every month I had a $39 subscription bill to pay, and I was doing all the work, and getting nowhere.

About a year went by and then I found something while I was surfing that I thought might actually work. It was an attorney group that specialized in repairing credit. Immediately I thought, well this has to be big bucks. I mean, these are attorneys, right? But the fee was just $29 a month, and they guaranteed to repair my credit without much input from me.

Every three months I would submit a new trimerged credit report so they could see how they were doing repairing my credit. That wasnt very expensive, and it was fun to see what was happening to my credit scores.

This wonderful attorney group managed to remove 18 items from my report in just 3 months. I was amazed at the results, as SEARS and MASTERCARD and others were removed from my reports. The bankruptcy and the judgement disappeared, too. (I had paid those two off a while before, but couldnt get them off my credit report!)

I stayed with them for a year, and now I have incredibly GOOD credit. It was easy, not time consuming, inexpensive and, best of all, it worked! Worth every penny. I was able to refinance my mortgage afterwards and get a rate 2.5 points cheaper than the old one, at a time when mortgage rates were actually rising.

If you need credit repair, you can go the do-it-yourself way, and drive yourself nuts for no results, or you can do what I did and find an attorney group that specializes in repairing your credit. It really can be done at a cost you can handle!

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