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Lying Credit Repair Companies

In this article I hope to get you seeing that everything isn?t always as it claims. There are hundreds and thousands of companies who claim to be able to repair your credit so that nothing negative shows on it. Well let?s just have a look.

These companies advertise as ?Credit Advisors?, ?Credit Consultants? or many other titles that are similar to these. Their entire claim is that they can get negative credit info removed from your credit report. These companies charge hundreds and thousands of dollars to so call clean up tour bad records. In truth these companies don?t do a thing that you can?t do for free.

Let me tell you a secret. There is no secret formula to getting negative information removed from your report. If the information is right than there is no way it can be removed from your report.

All that doesn?t matter. They still make the claims that they can get bankruptcies, collections, judgments, liens and garnishees removed in less than a year. What they do is bombard the credit agencies to request information on your account. They request, request and request. If the agency doesn?t report back with in 60 days they are obligated to remove the info from your file until they can check it out. So it may come off for a little while but once they investigate you can rest assured the negative info will go right back on.

Before you decide to sign a contract with any of these companies I would ask you to think about two things first.

-you can obtain your own credit report

-you have the right to dispute entries on your own credit report.

-last thing is that if you give these companies money there is a good chance you

Never see the people or your money again.

You will see the advertisements all over the place. Television, internet, bill boards, bus stops and posters all over the place. First thing is that they usually advertise with a 900 number which costs you a couple of bucks a minute right off the bat. Many of these companies are straight off frauds. Law enforcement has shut down many of them but if people don?t complain it?s hard to get them shut down.

Dale Mazurek

Dale has personal experience in bad credit and getting out of it. He wants to help everyone understand. A credit card is the best way to start or reestablish credit. You can find any number of cards suitable to your needs at He is also an up and comer affiliate marketer and you can check out his programs at or

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