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FICO Scores, Credit Repair and Home Loans - The Real Truth

The Fair Isaac and Co. is the renowned developer of what in financial circles is known as the FICO score. A FICO score is a procedure or a methodology that gives a fair idea of whether users of credit will pay their outstanding bills. It was in the 1950s that Fair Isaac, began working on a scoring method that would make the lives of lenders much easier. Over a period of time, this has indeed become one of the most reliable methods by which credit can be evaluated. The credit history of a borrower is generally lengthy and very complicated. What a FICO score aims to do is shorten it, into a solitary number.

The process of calculation of the FICO score is complex as it tries to integrate many models of evaluation. In the process of evaluation, all information about the finances and credit history of the borrower are given specific points. This is done by using various models and mathematical tables, and making a study of millions of cases involving the use of credit, by various people. As can be seen, FICO scores predict the future and this is why different sources of data are used to come up with effective credit forecast.

Some of the prominent factors that are taken into consideration by FICO scores are the employment history of an individual, the number of late payments, the time he/she has spent at the present residence, negative credit information such as bankruptcy.

There are three types of FICO scores that are generally computed using the data given by three bureaus. They are Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax. Lenders can use any one of the three scores but many lenders use the middle score.

Though some people berate the FICO scores, the fact is that these scores are quick and very fair. FICO scores and credit reports play a very important role in securing you a home loan. As a result, the FICO scores have gained tremendous importance as far as loans is concerned. It is important to have a high FICO score.

Therefore it is of high importance for people to repair their credit. They can do this by keeping all revolving debts below 50% of the permissible limit. If your accounts are paid off, do not close them but rather just stop using them. The one way you can do that is by paying your bills on time. Another thing is that you must not apply for credit on a regular basis. One of the primary points to consider is that a limited credit can adversely affect your score. So try getting additional credit.

This might look a little difficult but the real truth is that there are many ways to get finance for your home. You can have any credit rating or FICO score, all you need is a little bit of credit repair and numerous options open up.

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Keith Gill is an Experience Mortgage Loan and Morthgage banking Consultant and Counsels numerous clients every week how to best optimize their Credit and boost their FICO scores to get the Best Financing possible for thei Real Estate needs.

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