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Do It Yourself Credit Repair - Is This The Best Option For You To Fix Your Credit Score?

Its easy to fall into the trap of believing that credit is easy to get, because everywhere you turn it seems like somebody is offering you a credit card or a loan. But thats only reality for people with a good credit history. For those who have a poor credit rating, getting credit can be almost impossible, or at the very least ridiculously expensive.

Getting black marks on your credit history doesnt take much. Perhaps you missed a payment to a creditor, or forgot about that outstanding loan. Every time you mess up on a credit contract, the creditor reports you to a credit bureau. One or two minor mistakes might not cause you problems, but once you have a few negative entries on your credit history, you will start to find it increasingly difficult to get a credit card, and will probably start being turned down for loans.

As debt spirals, so do defaults, with the result that more and more people are getting a bad credit rating. Naturally plenty of people see this as a great opportunity, aggressively marketing their credit repair companies to those in trouble. Unfortunately most of them also charge some hefty fees, and only do things that you can do for yourself. Some are even outright scams.

Despite what the ads might lead you to believe, credit repair companies dont have any special relationship with the credit bureaus to make credit repair easier. They cant magically get negative entries on your credit history erased. Generally a credit repair company will only do things that you can do yourself. One popular strategy is to get a copy of your credit history and challenge every negative entry. While this may seem like the credit repair company is taking action, in fact its quite likely that this will achieve nothing unless theres genuinely been a mistake. And in the end, you can get the report and challenge entries without any help.

Even worse, some credit repair companies will encourage you to pursue strategies which are highly questionable, possibly even against the law. This may include suggesting you start again with a clean credit history by changing address or banking details. Apart from the fact that this is a highly dubious strategy, more often than not it fails anyway.

Youre much better taking matters into your own hands and seeking advice from a government source or a trusted non-profit organization if you need some extra direction. The first step is always to get a copy of your credit history from a credit bureau. Its highly likely that there are other people with the same name as you, and so errors can happen. Anything on the report which is obviously wrong should be immediately challenged in writing.

Once youve cleared up any errors, or if there are none to begin with, then you need to start rebuilding your credit history so that in time you end up with a good rating again. Apply for a secured credit card, use it regularly and above all, make sure you pay the bill on time every month.

Credit repair takes time and effort, and you need to make sure you budget your money so that all your creditors are paid on time and you dont end up with further negative entries against your credit. While it can be tempting to listen to the credit repair companies which seem to promise miracles overnight, in reality your credit repair journey will be a long and slow one. But its one you can take without handing over big dollars to someone else.

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