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Credit Repair vs. Credit Restoration

One of the greatest misconceptions of consumers with past credit problems is the thought that credit repair is the same as credit restoration, and this belief has many of these consumers with negative credit histories not truly restoring their good credit, but only repairing it temporarily. And, for those trying to better their financial situation understanding the differences will increase the likelihood of attaining permanent good credit, by using restoration techniques effectively.

Credit repair is the process of simply repairing your credit by removing the negative entries contained on the credit report. This is the process that most consumers that have negative credit histories feel that they have to have completed, but if they just remove the negative entries from their credit file, then they are not changing the habits that got them in this situation. Credit repair is only effective for consumers that have had a minor financial setback, but are otherwise financially responsible.

While on the other hand, credit restoration involves the process of changing our financial habits, this includes clearing the credit report, but also taking steps to ensure that those mistakes that have negatively affected our credit do not happen again. Credit restoration is the equivalent of credit planing, because you are not just repairing credit, but planning on how to keep the good credit once it is achieved.

According to U.S. government statistics an average of 87% of all Americans suffer from bad credit or negative entries on their credit file that restricts them from gaining the financial freedoms the want to achieve. And the sad reality is that the majority of these consumers will continue to suffer from negative credit because they fail to change their financial habits. By properly planning out their credit situation and implementing these plans with the goal of achieving good credit, they tend to avoid the pitfalls that put them in this negative credit rating situation.

This first step to credit restoration is deciding on a good company that will guide you through the credit restoration process, one of the fastest growing and dependable credit restoration companies on the internet is Millennium Credit Service, and their website is located at, or visit their blog at The services that are provided by this company helps the consumer get a firm understanding of their current credit situation, and provides a plan of action to improving and maintaining a good credit rating.

The one fact that has to be remembered about the credit restoration process is that it takes time to restore a negative credit rating, because no one has developed bad credit overnight. The credit restoration process can take anywhere from six months to a year, but if the consumer works diligently with their credit restoration company, it will make the process will go much smoother.

The key to restoring a good credit rating is taking action now, because this process does take time many consumers wait until they really need the credit while trying to make a major purchase. By this time it is to late to try and restore their credit, but if the process is started before the need for credit, the likelihood that their credit score will be up to an acceptable level increases. So do not wait any longer for good credit, start restoring your credit as soon as possible.

About the Author

Thaddeus Collins is the owner of Millennium Credit Service located at, which is a full service credit repair and restoration service for consumers interested in legally clearing their past negative credit.

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