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Credit Repair Services - The Dos And Donts

If youre in serious debt or have a very low credit score, it may be time to look into credit repair services to help you out. Lets be honest ? few of us understand the details about how your credit score is worked up, what may negatively affect your score, how long bad credit information stays on your report, etc. Good credit repair services can help you to understand the credit process and even educate you on what you can personally do to buoy your own credit. The truth is, you can do the same things a credit repair specialist can do ? but it would take a very long time and a whole lot of headache. Legitimate credit repair services have had years to perfect techniques and gain knowledge on how to improve credit scores.

The first thing to realize is there is no quick fix to erasing bad credit history. It takes time, effort on your part and a strict debt repayment plan to improve your credit score. The difference is, a good credit repair service will have these steps down to a science and can help save you unnecessary aggravation in figuring out just what these credit bureaus want from you!

When shopping around for a good credit repair service, there are things you should do and things you definitely should NOT do.

The Dos of Finding Good Credit Repair Services:

DO shop around ? have several options.

DO ask questions about fees ? legitimate credit repair services shouldnt take all your money up front.

DO find out what kind of promises they make.

DO try and get as much in writing as possible to protect yourself.

The Donts of Finding Good Credit Repair Services:

DONT believe claims that the service can erase any bad credit, can raise your credit score in a short period of time, etc.

DONT pay a large sum up front ? many scams will take your money and run.

DONT sign up for any credit repair services who are unwilling to give you something in writing.

DONT use a service without thoroughly researching its credentials.

By law, credit repair services must give you a copy of ?Consumer Credit File Rights Under State and Federal Law? before signing a contract with them. They should also spell out your rights and obligations in some sort of written contract that you should carefully review. A credit repair service cannot make false claims about their services or charge you in full until they have provided services. Your contract with them should specify details such as the companys name and address, the payment terms for the service, a detailed description of the service to be rendered, the expected time period to achieve results and any guarantees they may offer.

Not everyone who is in debt needs credit repair services, but if you have a very negative credit report, are bad at budgeting, or just lack knowledge in the area of credit and credit history, a credit repair service can be a great tool in educating you and keeping you on track with paying off debt. When it comes down to choosing credit repair services, just keep in mind: if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

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