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If you are in the business of credit repair services. You may have at one time considered purchasing credit repair leads.

The benefit of purchasing credit repair leads, is that the customer is committed to having their credit repaired by a professional such as yourself.

These customers are not playing games or surfing the net looking for information and merely contemplating the idea of credit repair, they are very serious about it, and they are waiting on a phone call.

Wether or not you are an established credit repair business or a start up, credit repair leads are a good option when considering lead sources.

So where is the best place to get credit repair leads?

The obvious answer would be to find a credit repair lead company, but that isnt always as easy as it sounds.

Yes, it is easy to find the lead company via the internet, but finding a good one with reasonable pricing is where the challenge lies.

For starters, find a lead company that obtains their leads through web sites they own and operate themselves.

Steer clear of the companies that buy their leads from other companies and recycle them. You never know how many times that selling company has sold the lead.

Try to find a company that not only sells their own leads, but sells them at a reasonable price, exclusively, and in real time if possible.

Make an attempt to contact someone in their customer service department. Ask them as many questions you feel to be appropriate. If you are not satisfied with the answers to your questions, or the quality of the service you receive, than move onto the next company.

The quality of the service you receive is usually an indication of the quality of the lead you receive, so proceed with caution.

About the Author

Jay Conners is the owner of two mortgage related lead sites where he obtains leads from people looking for credit repair. Please visit his sites at And

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