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Credit Repairer - define the problem

Credit Repairer

Before you begin the process of credit repair, you need to ask yourself why you are having credit problems? You need to define the problem. Bad credit is nothing to be ashamed of. It is more common than you realize.

Often it may not really even be your fault. After all there isnt almost anything that cant be bought on credit.

So how do you become your own credit repairer?

Ask yourself these questions

Whats happening in my life?Why do I need a credit repairer? Are circumstances beyond my control or is it a chronic situation? Am I getting deeper into debt or am I trying to fix the problem?

The first step in becoming your own credit repairer is to fix your money problems - right - duh.

Dont get into any new debt. Start to live within your means. Make a budget and live within it.

Otherwise you will only get deeper in debt. You could try a debt consolidation loan to pay off all the cards and have only one payment to worry about. Just dont be tempted by the empty cards - get rid of them.

If you are getting too deep in debt, there are several more things you can do.

? Contact the credit card companies and see if they will work with you to help lower the monthly payments. ? Talk to a non-profit credit counsellor about educational programs, debt management assistance and housing counselling.

But why go to them when you can be your own credit repairer with this booklet! There is no quick fix for credit problems as such, but with a little patience and determination, you can get it under control.

But you need to stay focused after that so you dont just slip back into the same old same old.

You can repair your own credit by going to

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