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Credit Repair Dispute Letters Dont Work and Heres Why

When credit repair was relatively new, it was easy. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) was created to ensure and enforce your right to fair and accurate credit reporting. It gave you the right to dispute credit and often times it worked.

That was then, this is now and these letters are a waste of time, so are the credit repair companies that use them

One of its provisions states that a consumer may request in writing validation, or proof of any debt with the Credit Reporting Agencies (CRA?s). They then have 30 days to prove the debts accuracy. If they cannot provide the necessary proof in the given time frame, the debt has to be deleted from your credit report. Sounds easy right?

As you can imagine 30 days is not a long time to gather the necessary documents when you consider CRAs are responsible for millions of account files.

It didn?t take long for opportunists masquerading as credit repair agencies to surface capitalizing on this loophole. For a while it worked and the concept was simple yet affective. A full frontal attack on the credit bureaus and the strategy was an overwhelming amount of dispute letters, so many that the credit bureaus had no chance of responding in time. As a result, millions of trade lines were deleted. They still are today, just not nearly as effectively as they once were.

This abuse of the system forced CRA?s to create systems that allowed them quickly verify debts. They did, and can now verify debts in a matter of minutes. Can you blame them? Not only is this method outdated and ineffective, it makes your situation worse.

Once a debt has been verified, any further attempts of the same debt become near impossible and that applies to legitimate inaccuracies. Had it been disputed properly, and for valid reason, there?s a great chance it would have come off legally and permanently the first time.

If you believe anything, believe us when we say these dispute letters are that last method in which you want to repair your credit. It doesn?t take a whole lot of common sense to realize Credit Bureaus, collection agents or the original creditors are not going to let millions of people dodge debts over a relatively minor detail like this.

The key to successful credit repair whether it is on your own, or choosing a legitimate company to do it for you, is research. Nearly every single credit report we see, has some form of violation of your rights committed by collection agents.

Learn the FCRA & The FDCPA and you will find the violations. Find them and the debts will come off legally and permanently.

Marc Chase is a Partner at MyCreditGroup.Com ? A nationally recognized authority on credit report repair and authors of ?The official guide to credit repair & credit repair companies? His company is used by agencies such Washington Mutual, Country Wide bank and they have been featured in several prestigious newspapers as ?one of the few true authorities on credit repair? Visit their site at

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