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Credit Repair - A Guide to Starting to Repair your Credit

Has this happened to you? You walk into a bank, or you apply for a credit card and you were denied a loan or a card or you are not able to finance a car because of a bad credit rating. There are many different things you can do to do credit repair on your financial statement. The first thing to do is gather all your bills, both home and credit card bills and lay them out. If you want, create a spreadsheet or some other record and mark down each bill, the amount of each bill and when that bill is due every month.

Then take a look at your non-essential spending and essential spending like food. You can do this by looking at receipts. See first where you can cut back. Split the amount you can cut back by the number of bills like credit cards and loans that you have. This will increase your payments. You will never be able to get out from under debt and pay off those bills if you are only paying off finance charges every month. Therefore, you will need to factor in not only the amount to pay off finance charges but also some of the balance every month. Make sure bills go out and are paid either early or on time. Even one late bill can negatively affect your credit rating. By doing this regularly you can start to not only get out from under debit but also repair your credit. It is a slow process to do a credit repair on your financial statement so do not expect over night results, however, if you are diligent and make payments on time, you can easily repair your credit score and report.

Written George Anderson. Find more information on credit repair at Mint Credit Repair.

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