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Build your Real Estate Clientele through Client Credit Repair

January is the time for planning marketing strategies in real estate. Marketing to niches within the real estate categories is proving the path to building profits.

Client credit repair provides a very loyal and valuable niche clientele-usually a clientele with many friends in the same situation. Real Estate agent/brokers are finding that by providing credit repair techniques to a prospective clientele, they are growing their own client base.

One such marketing strategy is to give free workshops for people in need of credit repair. These workshops are for people that desire to purchase real estate, but have not been able to be approved or have not come up with the down deposit.... By partnering with a local mortgage broker, you can easily provide a free seminar, with coffee and donuts, a sign in sheet at the door, and tips for raising the credit score. Agents/brokers are advertising at local churches, and community centers, even caf?s are a great place to provide this type of information. Keep the presentation simple and to the point. By providing 5 clear tips on credit scores, the audience can leave feeling more informed about the process.

In order to provide seminars on the subject, agents/brokers are first learning the tips that can help their clients the most. By preparing their own credit scores and reading client credit repair guides. The information is available for proficient help.

Another marketing tip for this niche is to provide brochures promoting this expertise. Door knockers with two tips for raising a credit score is a great way to provide your services to the general public. By leaving these in areas of apartments and rental homes, real estate agents/brokers are getting more business than with general advertising.

When providing tips on credit repair, be careful not to put yourself in a situation where you are guaranteeing any results for the clientele. There are no guarantees especially for someone who is a real estate person, not a studied credit advisor. By promoting credit repair, the agent/broker is merely providing tips and techniques for the clients to apply.

Enjoying higher profits is a major benefit of marketing to niches within the industry of real estate. Jump on the wagon and join other agents/brokers in specializing for real estate success

About the Author

Kim Polinsky is a specialist in the real estate market. She has authored two e-quides that are published on

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