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Bad Credit Credit Cards - A Financial Tool For Your Credit Repair Arsenal

Many people find themselves confused during the credit process; how do credit card companies decide whether an individual is approved for their specific services or not, and what criteria is this decision based on?

If an individual finds themselves in a spot where they have incurred a poor record as far as credit history is concerned, how can the situation be addressed so that it is possible to secure a credit card in the future?

Individual financial information in the United States is compiled by three different for-profit companies; Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. These companies are contacted by other companies, such as those responsible for issuing credit cards, when an individual applies for credit. They are responsible for calculating credit information and release a credit score based on that compiled figure. Whether or not an individual can find themselves eligible for a credit card is usually dependant on if they receive a positive score from one of these bureaus.

As you might guess, people with a negative credit score have a harder time receiving approval for credit cards than those with good credit history. Fortunately, there are ways to improve credit scores.

One way is to apply for a bad credit credit card. This type card is designed for individuals who have a hard time gaining access to other forms of credit. Holders of credit cards for people with bad credit can expect their credit information to be supplied to all three credit bureaus each month, which means that if the account is kept current and payments are up to date, holders can rebuild their credit score through using this type of card.

It is important to note that these cards are designed for riskier clients do charge APRs right off the bat. They also include an annual cardholder fee. These charges can act as an incentive for the individual to make sure to keep their payments rolling in in order to avoid the high interest.

Individuals who hold bad credit credit cards are entitled to many benefits depending on the company issuing the card. A major beneift that these cards sometimes offer is Purchase Protection. Through this type of plan, cardholders are assured that if purchases are made fraudulently on their card that they will not be subject to premium fees.

Purchases often also entail a limited warranty when they are made using bad credit cards. Additionally, users of these cards can take advantage of having their account available for viewing and for payments 24 hours a day through the Internet. Card holders are also usually given a toll-free number in case of emergencies or questions in regards to their bills.

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