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4 Surefire Secrets to Credit Repair

Are you tired of reading the same regurgitated credit repair information over and over?

Would you like a few credit repair secretes that are rarely talked about, yet very powerful?

Give me 2 minutes and I?ll give you 4 sure fire tips to help quickly improve your credit score.

1 ? Opt Out with the credit bureaus. Did you know that credit reporting agencies alert your creditors of new applications of credit you may be applying for? They alert them of disputes you?re making, address changes, banking information? That?s right, collectors subscribe to credit bureau services which enable them to more easily track you.

Opt out and this information is no longer available to your creditors. 1-888-5-optout

2 ? Check licensing information for collection agents. More times then not, collection agents will obtain the necessary licensing, bonding and insurance requirements in their home state only because the cost is so high too obtain in every state.

If your state and requires bonding, licensing or insurance, the collector must posses them all or is not allowed to collect. Therefore, it is not a valid collection and must be removed from your credit report. You can check your Attorney Generals Website for requirements.

3 ? Request the collector show proof he is allowed to collect the debt. Sounds easy enough, but you?d be surprised. When you request validation of a debt, the collection agent must show proof he has a contract with the original creditor that he has the right to collect on their behalf.

Furthermore, he must get proof you actually owe the debt. You?d be surprised how many collectors have nothing more then their internal records. That is not sufficient. He must get the original contracts directly from the original creditor and send them to you.

4 ? Send your disputes to different addresses. Credit reporting agencies have dozens of addresses which you can find on the net. Send your disputes certified mail, return receipt requested to different addresses. You are not required to send disputes to any specific address.

Many of the addresses take much longer to get to the dispute department. That?s not your problem, if somebody signs for your letter when it arrives; it?s their responsibility to get it to the right department.

There you have it, a couple little tricks not so talked about on the internet. Credit Repair can be very easy when you employ all the tricks and secrets of credit repair that you have at your disposal.

Knowledge is the key.

Marc Chase is a Partner at My Credit Group Inc. ? A nationally recognized authority on credit report repair and authors of ?The official guide to credit repair & credit repair companies?

Visit his site at

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