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The key to a good credit score is making on-time payments and keeping low balances. This will assure a good score and demonstrate your financial responsibilty to future potential lenders.

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How Healthy Are You Financially?

You have to start it young if you want to be financially healthy. If you want to see a hefty sum accumulated as savings, you have to manage your finances well. And this doesn't happen in a day. The first step in managing your finances well is to plan it out. Chalk out a budget and spend your cash according to it. People who are successful financially know the trick to balance their income and expense wisely.

If you tend to spend more than your income, you land up in serious trouble. If you are aware of the importance of saving, you will undoubtedly manage your finances well. You can also take help of a financial consultant who can advice you to select the correct investment vehicle.

Working out a budget will enable you to identify the expenses that are not required. There are times when you think you need something but in reality you can defer buying the same. Managing your finances doesn't just mean that you manage your incoming and outgoing cash; it also involves the amount you pay for your insurance premium, taxes etc.

If you have a habit of using credit cards too often, minimize the same. Use cash wherever possible and use credit cards only in emergency. People tend to fall in debt because they use credit cards even for paying their utility bills. Cut down on impulsive shopping. Another good way to manage your finances well is to build an emergency fund that can help you in case you are in urgent need of cash.

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