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The Lowdown on Cell Phone Buying

Ever thought you'd need a clamshell, infrared, push to talk, mp3 playing, large display, camera ready, Windows compatible cell phone? Perhaps not, but you may own one without knowing it! There are thousands of cell phones to chose from with countless options available. How do you know what to buy? While it's unlikely you'll know every make, model, and feature that comes equipped on every phone, thereā€˜s a checklist of things you should consider before making a purchase.

Who Are You Gonna\' Call?

Considering the fact you can check email, watch movies, text message, listen to music, play games, email, surf the web, and take photographs on a cell phone can make the buying process quite challenging. How do you pick the right one out of so many? The easiest way to buy a phone is to first consider what you\'ll use it for - realistically. While we may think we'll use all features available (and some do), cell phones are primarily used for calling purposes.

Cause for a New Phone

The average life of a cell phone is less than two years. It often seems like less than that as new phones with fancy new features hit the market quicker than a ten year old can send a text message. If you're in the market for a new cell phone, how do you know how to choose the right one?

Price Point

Your budget is a good place to start when looking to purchase a new phone. You'll have plenty of options even if you don't want to spend a dime. Several plans will give customers a brand new phone gratis when they sign up for a new plan. If you've been with the same carrier for some time, you may even be eligible for a replacement phone at no charge.

The Low and Hi End Phones

Even the lowest of the no-frills phones can come with blue tooth, text messaging, and mp3 capabilities. Oftentimes the extra charges are embedded in the phone bill and not the phone itself. Your phone will likely contain features your phone company can charge for such as text messaging, push to talk and internet access. Read your contract carefully as the charges tend to add up and often go unnoticed.

If you've got a nice chunk of change to spend on new cell phones priced above $200, your options are pretty endless in terms of what type of phone you can buy. The first two items to consider are how you'll use the phone and where will it be used? Answering the latter question will determine whether or not you need to purchase a phone that's capable of domestic and/or international calling. Don't know anyone abroad? Opt for a phone with domestic calling abilities only.

The look and feel of a cell phone often play to our emotive purchasing logic, which enables retailers to hike up the price. The body of a phone can matter in terms of weight and size. You'll find PDAs weigh a bit more than the average phone as they have a larger screen and accommodate a greater amount of input than non-PDA phones.

Cell phone costs increase as the number of features increase. Higher priced phones may contain GPS, advanced internet access, video playback, increased mp3 storage, better sound quality, and email capabilities.

Cell Phones Fast Forward

Just think -only fifteen years ago our "car" phones where about the size of a dictionary and weighed twice of much. What will the cell phone of even the near future look like and be able to do? Nanotechnology will allow phones to operate at a much greater frequency increasing processing times to the point you can transfer a movie from your computer to your phone in two seconds. It\\\\\'s also projected cell phones will contain new functions such as video projection web conferencing. Fortunately, major cell phone makers such as Nokia are working to lower the cost of parts while increasing overall capacity and function.

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