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Want a Job? Or Better Yet, Need a Job? Here Are the Top Five Teen Jobs!

In high-school, a little extra spending money always comes in handy. A few dollars towards your first period caffeine fix, ten bucks for the latest song downloads, and twenty needed for Friday night's movie and cheese fries with friends. Or, for others, all earnings may go directly to parents or a college savings fund. Any way you look at it, a little cash is indispensable. Looking for a job that's manageable, valuable, and profitable? Here are our top five...

It is not always a matter of wanting to work, but having to work. According to Northeastern University's Center for Labor Market Statistics, 35.1% of teenagers work at least part time. However, having a job on top of school, hanging out with friends, and participating in extra-curricular activities, can seem like a huge challenge and impossible to fit into one's schedule. And while some teenagers don't always have a choice in the matter, there are benefits to finding a job that arefun and manageable. We've described five positions you could easily start by the end of the week!

Playing House

1. Baby sitting - an age-old, yet very reliable source of income. Baby-sitting works well for those with busy weekday schedules as most jobs are on Friday nights and weekends. Available jobs can be found through parents, friends of parents, your friends' parents, and organizational job boards including schools and churches. If you live near a local preschool or elementary school, stop by and talk to a teacher or front office employee and leave your contact information and services offered.

Advantage Tip: Put your computer skills to use and create simple, yet creative business cards. You'll appear professional and parents will love having your contact information in one spot.

It's a Mall World

2. Shopping malls - malls are chock-full of food, retail, educational, and entertainment stores ready and willing to hire teens. Several mall stores cater to teen clientele and are eager to hire other teens who represent their market. Malls are typically open till 8pm, with many stores providing part time hours.

The Go-to Gopher

3. Running errands - do you know anyone in your neighborhood who simply do not have the time or ability to attend to all things that a home needs. Oftentimes elderly people living on their own may take kindly to this kind of offer. As a personal gopher you could you could offer to run errands, pick up groceries, fill the car with gas, and complete regular household chores.

Freelance Maven

4. Freelance on the Internet - are you good with computers or have excellent writing skills? There are many opportunities to freelance on the Internet that are accompanied by decent pay. The advantages include working from home in many cases and working without a boss around. Freelance work is also a good way to learn the self motivation skills necessary when working at your own pace.

Advantage Tip: Talk to your parents or friends parents in the professional world - oftentimes business people don't have time to edit or write memos, letters, or marketing materials. If you're a wordsmith and confident in your writing skills, recommend yourself!

eBay Endeavors

5. Selling on e-Bay - for those 18 and older. eBay is an excellent business platform and not only teaches you how to market and sell you product, but teaches first-hand knowledge of supply and demand. Clothing, collectibles, sports memorabilia, pet supplies and more are all profitable auction items. Not 18 just yet? Consider having your own rummage sale. Think of it as a live eBay experience and organize and market the sale in the same way you would an online auction.


Chores for Sure

6. Household chores - there will always be a demand for household chores. It's physical, dirty at times, and no matter how hard you scrub, dust and mop, there's always more to be done. However, if there's more incentive when money's involved. And getting paid to do other's chores doesn't mean you have to do everything. Lawn mowing, washing cars, raking leaves, cleaning pools, walking dogs, etc. are great individual ways to earn money.

As a teen, there are plenty of opportunities to work and work in a way that fits your schedule and provides experience valuable experience for the future, and in many cases, much needed money for the present. And while you may not realize it, college admissions counselors and future employers look to see how you handle responsibility and manage your time as soon as you're old enough to drive. Quiz time: What's the best way to learn about work? To work of course!

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