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The days of driving around local neighborhoods and touring homes for sale are fading. People no longer have to squander their Sundays in order to find the right property to purchase. The Internet is the place to look and be seen - for homes that is. It's the open house that's open all day long and enables sellers to flood potential buyers with as many details as needed to push the sale. Selling a home online creates a market reach that extends beyond the city borders to anywhere in the world. Whether sold individually or with the help of a Realtor ®, an online listing is essential as is the way in which it's presented.

5 Steps to Selling a Home Online

The following steps describe five essential strategies that will elevate online homes sales.

1. Find a platform - List the property in a space that will heighten viewership. The competition is stiff and several sites are oversaturated with listings. However, in order to bring the sale to the millions of online surfers, it's necessary to list the property in a place where it is visible, easily accessible, and memorable. With this in mind, seek out a reputable and legitimate site that specialize in a particular market, provides extra resources such as site management tools, or entertains high volumes of traffic on a continued basis.

2. Bargain for the best deal - there are many professional sites that list properties for sale. Take your time and research to find the site that offers the best possible deal. There are many credible sites that offer discounts and other attractive terms such as length of listing, advertising, multiple listings, etc. Costs will depend on whether or not a Realtor ® is used, or other professional service. Most third party sellers charge a commission in the range of 2-4% per sale so it's important to understand the terms of listing.

3. The 411 - a written description of the property is needed and creating enticing copy without hyperbole can be a challenge. Online ads provide all the room in the world to add written information describing every detail of the home. Keep in mind though that the average online viewer scans for key words and does not read word for word. Highlight key words including school names, appliance brands, local facilities, and style characteristics. It's imperative to include an accurate evaluation (preferably done by an real estate expert) to maintain an air of professionalism.

4. Showcase the property - a picture's worth a thousand words and more with digital enhancements. The property images displayed online need to be appealing and realistic. The internet is not a medium to exaggerate a home in a way that misleads. That's not to say a seller shouldn't focus on the most appealing points of sale. For example, new kitchen appliances, attractive yards, and alluring master bedrooms should be presented in the most attractive light. A professional photographer will come in handy and provide effective staged images specific to online viewing patterns.

5. Video Tours - video and virtual tours 'walk' online viewers through a home and provide a 360° view of the property. Not only do videos enable sellers to show more of a property, but viewers spend more time on the site and engage with the home. Digital media and software such as Microsoft's Photo Story 3 enable sellers to put together their own video tours to post online. YouTube videos can increase sale potential as well and at zero cost to the seller.

The internet is one of the most effective ways to sell a home whether or not a professional service or Realtor ® is used or an individual does all the work. With 80% of all potential homebuyers scouring the web for listings, it would be limiting to bypass the opportunity to place an online ad. Technology is constantly changing, including audio and video software specially created for the real estate industry, which is expensive to keep up with. No matter how the home is presented online, it's important to satisfy the potential buyer's needs and present an accurate visual and written representation of the property.

5 Second Article Wrap Up

Find a hosting site

Obtain the necessary resources

Write an interesting and accurate description

Post the perfect pictures

Create an always-open house with a video tour

By, Safiyyah Lanier

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